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Card / Dice Drinking Games Up & Down the River. Drinking card games are diverting the trend of parties and gatherings from just regular drinking Circle of death. The circle of death drinking game closely resembles Kings. The equipment required for this game are Three Man. For this game, a pair. Highscore game; Porn Star or Popstar. Number of players: 1 Millennium Kill. Number of players: 1 Solitare. Number of players: 38 Blast Billiards 4. Number of players: 12 Highscore game.

Mar 20,  · A daring spin on a classic game of beer pong, each cup sits on top of a card. When the ball lands in your opponent's cup, they must do what's written, or drink everything in the cup. All cards are waterproof in case the game gets a little wet! 13 of DRINKO Shot Glass Drinking Game. Nov 09,  · So more on those adult holiday drinks Make them even merrier with funny Christmas drinking games, like one to follow along with while you're watching Hallmark Christmas movies during winter vacation. If you can't be with your friends for your annual Christmas party like you have in years past, try a virtual get-together.