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Lengthcm, durable soft padded professional boxing gloves for adults. Ideal for boxing training and competitive use in boxing and mixed martial arts. Made of high quality PV leather and Nylon liner,shock prove and comfortable,Rugged, long-lasting stitching and construction. Incorporating extra-strength Velcro closure for easy adjustment. Unique Adult boxing Classes Chatham. Unleash your inner Rocky in one of our high intensity adult boxing classes for all abilities. Learn boxing footwork technique and new punching combinations, while increasing your cardiovascular fitness through a total body workout. You will leave our class understanding why professional boxers are some of the world’s fittest sportsmen.

The Kings Boxing Club Adult Class is a non-contact class for ages 13 and up. The Adult Class workout is taught by certified USA BOXING coaches and is consistent to what a professional boxer goes through in a typical workout. We start with the conditioning component which entails calisthenic and plyometric exercises specifically designed for boxing. We then move on to skill training which consist of proper punching technique, footwork, bag work, hitting catch mitts, and overall boxing . Adult Boxing If you are looking to take your boxing to the next level, then Adult Boxing is the class for you! This class is technical and specific to the art of boxing. The goal of the class is to master your skills AS IF you were preparing for your first professional fight. The student will go beyond simply punching the bag or mitts.

Hello my name is Zak. I have almost 30 Years of BOXING EXPERIENCE as a top AMATUER *Ranked #7 in the US* and *TOP 30" as a PROFESSIONAL fighter, A top SPARRING partner for WORLD CHAMPIONS and as a COACH. My COMBINED record as a PRO/AM is I LOVE the sport and love sharing my vast knowledge and experience with others. I can help you on. Adult Pro Boxing. Shamrock Boxing have over 24 years training successful fighters. Whether you are looking to enter the ring or just focus on the basics, Shamrock Boxing can provide the training you need. The Pro Class is for dedicated fighters and will be trained by Mike Foley. If you are looking to start your boxing journey, please sign up on our Adult Fitness/Boxing class.