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adult circus training - Lust In The Circus

Adult Classes. Adults classes for all levels aged 18 onwards. We have even some students in their 60’s! Classes are split into beginner, intermediate, advanced or all level classes so there is something for everyone. At this time, our classes have limited numbers and have additional hygiene protocols to adhere to COVID guidelines. Well, you can, because circus training isn’t just for kids. Circus Smirkus offers a training camp for adults too, where you’ll study the circus arts inside our authentic European circus tents. You’ll find it’s an incredible workout and loads of fun and a great opportunity to forge new friendships.

Circus Stars. A unique creative movement program for ages 3 to 5, Circus Stars is a fun way for children to develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity while learning pre-circus . Join the latest and most exciting form of physical, athletic and mental training with our Circus Arts classes, camps, and workshops! A unique form of exercise and fun taught by professional coaches for people of all ages and physical fitness levels.

Circus Center’s top-rate acrobatics program, accessible to students of any level, is designed to build strength, flexibility, and grace through movement. Our goal is to promote circus and street arts, and provide training opportunities for all ages and levels. January Due to the level 5 Lockdown and following National Government guidelines, Circus Factory will be closed for all activities and training for youth and adults until further notice.