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The skin around where the tube enters your body is very red or swollen. You have a fever. You have lower back or hip pain. You often have bright red drainage coming out of your tube, or you have other changes in how your urine looks or smells. You have large amounts of urine draining into the drainage bag over a short period of time. You may notice a small amount of clear or yellow fluid draining from your ear. This is normal and may last for a few months. Don’t shake your head forcefully for 1 month. You can shower after your procedure but don’t get water in your affected ear (the ear that had the myringotomy) while your tube is in place.

2. Chronic Ear Drainage. Normally, after the tube has been inserted, it takes two days maximum in order for any excess fluid to be drained. However, sometimes, as a complication from the surgery, the patient can deal with chronic ear drainage that lasts more than four days. 3. . • You may shower 24 hours after your drain tube has been placed. Before showering, cover the drain tube dressing with a double layer of plastic wrap and tape the edges to your skin. After showering remove plastic wrap and change dressing if it has gotten wet. • No tub baths, swimming or hot tubs.

The bottom line: Drainage and the use of ear drops are generally needed after ear tube surgery. But the surgery should help keep fluid from building up and causing painful earaches. Begin with water on evening of tube placement and begin regular tube feeding after 24 hours, as instructed. You may shower 24 hours after tube placement. To remove drainage, crusts, or blood from the skin around the tube, use a solution of half hydrogen peroxide- half water. Swab once a day and as.