Diaper wearing adult baby gets dominated and humiliated - adult diapers abara x plus


adult diapers abara x plus - Diaper wearing adult baby gets dominated and humiliated

This is a 2-unit sample pack of the Abena Abri-form X-Plus, medium size diapers, as seen in the first picture above. These are white, plastic-backed diapers manufactured in Denmark, and are top of the line in overall performance. A very popular and well-recognized brand all around the world. They are quite thick and weigh about ounces each/5(19). Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Diapers-Briefs are a Diaper Style Brief that maximizes protection while optimizing skin protection. Abena Abri-Form's with the Plastic Outer Covering have 2 Times the Absorbent Capacity of most other brands Maximum Capacity Adult Diapers! No Other Diapers or Briefs Absorb More Liquid Than Abena Abri-Form.

Superior Performing Incontinence Protection - X-Plus Fitted Briefs Extra wide refastenable tape tabs for a secure fit (30% wider than conventional tapes) Extra strong plastic back sheet. If you are looking for an incontinence product with superior performance, the Abena X-Plus is second to none. Also known as Abri-Form Premium Adult Briefs Level 4 / Completely Breathable, Abri-Form S4, Abri-Form M4, Abri-Form L4, Abri-Form XL/5().

The Abena Abri-Form M4 (X-Plus) adult diaper is unpackaged and put to the test through a series of simulated wettings. For the full detailed review see https. There are Pullups and Adult Diapers (briefs) on this page. The Pullups are called Protective Underwear.5% discount on all orders over $ every day! The most absorbent of the 2XL pullups are the Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear and the Unique Wellness Underwear.