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Dec 01,  · Adult Education at MSJC; Adult Education at MSJC. If you need to drop a class for any reason, please email [email protected] with your first and last name, ASAP ID number if known, phone number, and email address MSJC Adult Education Program holds recognition ceremony for GED graduates. The Maryland Adult National External Diploma Program is a nationally recognized high school diploma option for adults, 18 and older. It is an alternative to the GED exam and is designed for adults who have developed high school level skills through life experience.

Oct 14,  · Yes, you may claim the excess expenses by filling out Form , Education Credits (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits).To claim the credit, qualified expenses are reduced by the amount of any tax-free educational assistance. Don't reduce the qualified expenses by amounts paid with the student's earnings, loans, gifts, inheritances, or personal savings. Improve your reading, writing, math and English language skills. All programs are free and open to adults 18 years and older.. High School Diploma Options Earn a Maryland high school diploma by passing the GED® exam.; English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Practice your English, reading, writing and speaking skills.; Family Literacy Classes for Parents and Children Open to .

People with a high school level education gained the most jobs, with 93, net new jobs. People with less than high school education recorded job losses of 10, Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey, Table , unadjusted data. Malcolm Knowles.