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While the lawsuit was often compared to Viacom suing Google, Tucker made clear that for the adult entertainment space, these lawsuits are hitting much closer to home: “The big problem I see right now is not outsiders doing this; rather, it is people who purport to be contributing members in our industry,” he told XBIZ. An adult entertainment store in Murrells Inlet and its owner, John Gaik, are being sued by Horry County, according to court documents. The county is trying to shut down Inlet Gifts LLC, doing business as Badd Kitty, because the "sex paraphernalia store" is operating too close to people's homes and is in violation of the current Horry County zoning ordinance.

Dozens of class action lawsuits have been filed by independent contractors who say they’re actually employees under the law. The workers claim that because they’ve been misclassified as independent contractors, they’re getting cheated out of overtime wages and a number of other rights typically afforded to’s, FedEx, Lowe’s and other big names have . A trio of dancers, two disc jockeys and two bartenders recently brought a class-action lawsuit against "Mardi Gras Entertainment Inc." and three corporate officers, according to the complaint.

Bickers, who filed the federal lawsuit against the city regarding the zoning decision, also owns property that houses the adult entertainment business Club Koyote in West Terre Haute. Scores is a national chain with more than 10 locations in cities like New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. The page lawsuit accuses the club of hiring the .