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Like most young adults, you're probably just starting out and watching what you spend. The right health insurance plan can help you save money on out-of-pocket costs. When you visit in-network providers, you get access to lower rates that they've negotiated with your health plan. If a parent’s health insurance plan covers dependents, you usually can be added to their plan and stay on it until you turn Covered by a parent’s plan and about to turn 26? See how to get your own health coverage. How to get added to a parent’s insurance plan.

Under the new health care law, most insurance plans must cover children up to age If your health plan offers coverage for dependents, your child can stay on your plan even if . There are 6 common health insurance options for young adults in their twenties, whether or not they are students. They include short term medical insurance, bundled benefits, a parent’s health insurance plan, individual major medical insurance, job .

Aetna® - Are you a young adult shopping for health insurance? Aetna can help. Are you a young adult shopping. for health insurance? Aetna can help. Choosing a health insurance plan is a smart way to help protect your future. By using the tools below, you can find an affordable Aetna plan with solid coverage that’s well-matched to your lifestyle, needs and plans. If you’re under 30, you can get health coverage a few different ways, some designed specifically for you. Here are some different ways to get health coverage. Getting or staying on a parent’s plan. Under 26? You may be able to get on a parent’s health insurance plan. Learn how to get or stay on a parent's plan. Buying your own insurance plan.