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Adult Immunizations Pediatric and Adolescent Immunizations International Travel Immunizations Frequently Asked Questions Back-to-School Immunizations. Disease prevention is the key to good health, and one of the most important building blocks of disease prevention is immunizations. Immunizations are an inexpensive and effective way to provide. Recommended Immunizations for Adults by Age Parent-Friendly Format. The parent-friendly version of the adult schedule no longer exists. See: Use this vaccine assessment tool to get a personalized list of the vaccines you need as an adult. Health care provider version of the adult schedule; Page last reviewed: February 5,

Adult Immunizations. Immunizations are NOT just for children! Adults of all ages need immunizations to keep us healthy. The specific vaccines recommended for adults may depend on factors such as age, health conditions, lifestyle and risk factors, and travel plans. Sep 11,  · Immunizations for Adults. Recommended Schedule and Immunization Standards. The complete list of vaccines and the ages at which adults ought to receive doses of vaccine is called a vaccine schedule. You can find the immunization schedule for adults here: Adult Immunization Schedule.

Adult Immunizations. The need for vaccinations does not end in childhood. Vaccines are an important step in protecting adults against several serious and sometimes deadly diseases. You may not realize that you need vaccines throughout your life. Adults need to keep their vaccinations up to date because immunity from childhood vaccines can wear. Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule for ages 19 years or older How to use the adult immunization schedule 1 Determine recommended vaccinations by age (Table 1) 2 Assess need for additional recommended vaccinations by medical condition and other indications (Table special situations 2) 3 Review vaccine types, frequencies, and intervals.