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Megacolon is the term used for an abnormally enlarged colon. It is often associated with extra (redundant) loops of bowel. It can cause severe constipation. Megacolon can be congenital and is often hereditary, or can gradually develop over many years of . An Adult with Megacolon – the Differential Diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s Disease Christopher J. Berg, M.S., and Estebes A. Hernandez, M.D.

What is megacolon? Megacolon is the stretching and widening of your colon. Bowel movements build up in your colon instead of passing through to your rectum. Megacolon can be caused by a genetic condition. Megacolon is an abnormal dilation of the colon (also called the large intestine). This leads to hypertrophy of the colon. The dilation is often accompanied by a paralysis of the peristaltic movements of the bowel. In more extreme cases, the feces consolidate into hard masses inside the colon, called fecalomas (literally, fecal tumor), which can require surgery to be removed.

Megacolon is a general term that means the abnormal dilation of the colon. Toxic megacolon is a term used to express the seriousness of the condition. Toxic megacolon is rare. It’s a . Inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, is the most common initial cause of toxic megacolon. There are two main forms: ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s disease. Both these conditions involve .