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Adult Health. Fitness items like a playground chin-up bar or a leg press can turn your recreational space into an outdoor gym and help adults to stay fit and active. Adult playground equipment makes healthy exercise more accessible and affordable for those who don’t have their own gym equipment at home. r/PnPplayground: This is a subreddit for people who enjoy getting high,and are looking for like minded people for anything from a quick sexual .

Adult Playgrounds: Exercise at Its Funnest May 15, - Written by donnymorin88 - filed under Design Ideas, Innovative Designs, Playgrounds. We play enthusiasts spend a lot of time discussing the importance of play in the role of early childhood development. The adult playground in the Bronx, the city’s poorest borough and a place dogged by troubling health statistics, is built on top of a parking garage and sandwiched between a .

Adult Love Seat — One of our most popular adult swings, this two-person seat makes for a perfect place to sit and talk. While the kids enjoy all the high-energy fun of their play set, parents love swinging gently right alongside them. This sturdy loveseat swing is designed to be strong enough for two adults, and like all of our swings, it’s built to last for years to come. If you're a business that needs to update your lawn and playground equipment, consider adult playground equipment including swing sets, climbers, fitness equipment, and even merry go rounds. Not only are adult playgrounds already popular in other countries, such as Europe, but Americans are quickly learning the social and health benefits of playground equipment for .