Wild Party 3 xLx - adult spanking parties


adult spanking parties - Wild Party 3 xLx

These sessions can involve directed self administered punishment, a thorough lecture with scolding and/or non corporal punishments (corner time, lines, etc.), spanking story time, or discussions about spanking, the spanking scene, and how to cultivate spanking relationships. After the introductions were made, this foursome led us off to the suite party being hosted by Florida Moonshine. This appeared to be the place to be at on Friday night. We worked our way through the crowd to one of the bedrooms where we found Iris’ M spanking the hostess on one bed and a couple more spankings on the other bed.

The game of Truth or Dare but with a twist. All travel dates require full prepayment, this includes parties. For all appointments please email me at pos[email protected] for availability. Las Vegas, NV. February Los Angeles, CA. March Houston, TX Lonestar Spanking Party (LSSP) November

The only reason you would have known the kinky nature of the party was the crack, crack, crack! spanking sounds in the background. Out of respect for my date for the evening, as well as the folks that I chatted with at the party, I’m going to keep details of who I met — what kinds of people they were, their jobs, etc. — totally private. The party begins as the girls’ misdemeanours are read out. You will form part of a panel which will decide what the punishment is to be – a party has not gone by where the punishment handed down to the errant school girls, bratty nieces, thieving French Maids, sloppy secretaries {the list goes on} has been anything other than a good dose of spanking.