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adult special education - Education Of The Baroness (2K) - 1977

Adult education is also an option if an adult with special needs was unable to finish a normal high school education. A Master of Education ( in Special Education program teaches individuals how to work with adult students who have learning disabilities and emotional or behavioral disorders.

Adult Basic Education (Pre-GED) In Adult Basic Education classes, students work on basic literacy and math skills to help them prepare for the GED program. The Pre-GED class also helps students become better prepared for employment. Career and Technical Education (CTE). To realize this vision each student who receives special education services should be served in the least restrictive environment with access to the best first instruction in the Common Core State Standards. All adults in the educational system are responsible for the education and support of all students, regardless of need.

This engaging unit focuses on Adult and Baby Animals. Resources include ELA, math, and hands on activities. Printables/worksheets and activities are differentiated for every learner, in the regular education, special education, or homeschool environment. . Adult Special Education programs at Okanagan College provide the support students need to reach their full potential. Our programs are part of a life progression – integrated where possible – teaching independence and encouraging interest in a .