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Jan 30,  · The lingual frenulum must be considered a normal anatomical structure, with % of healthy infants reported as having an observable and/or palpable lingual frenulum (Haham et al., ). The lingual frenulum has been described in some texts as a midline mucosal fold passing between the under‐surface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. Jul 17,  · Several of the men think that Adult Circumcision Surgery is performed to only cut off the extra skin on the penis. But there are other medical conditions that can be cured through this process. One of those problems is Frenulum Breve; yes this rare condition can also be cured by a simple circumcision surgery.

The lingual frenum is located between the base of the tongue and the floor of the mouth. It comes in all different sizes, and if the frenum restricts the movement of the tongue (a condition called "tongue tied"), a surgical procedure called a frenectomy may be performed. The labial frenulum can also interfere with the proper fitting of dentures. A labial frenectomy may be indicated if the frenulum causes dentures to move or shift in the mouth leading to discomfort. Lingual Frenectomy. A lingual frenectomy involves the lingual frenulum, the band of tissue between the bottom of the tongue and the floor of the mouth.

Adult frenectomy As you grow older, the oral cavity changes significantly. If your speech develops normally and you have no problem eating and drinking, you may not need to treat a tongue tie or. Nov 16,  · Frenulectomy is surgery to remove a small piece of tissue called the frenulum. You may need surgery if the frenulum attached to the center of your upper lip is too thick and causes a large gap between your teeth. This can lead to your gums being pulled too far off your teeth (called gum recession).