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Jan 31,  · Pinworms in children. School-age children have the highest rates of pinworm infection. They are followed by preschoolers. Institutional settings including day care facilities often harbor multiple individuals (adults and children) with pinworm infections. Sometimes, nearly half of the children may be infected in a day-care facility. Jan 30,  · Pinworm symptoms may fade or disappear within the first week of treatment, but these medications only kill adult worms. A second round or "repeat" treatment kills any pinworms that hatch from eggs that were not destroyed by the initial treatment%(49).

About a month later, the eggs hatch in your intestines and grow into adult worms. Female pinworms move to your anal area to lay their eggs. This causes anal itching. If you scratch the area, the. Pinworms are tiny, white, thread-like worms that live in the rectum. The worms crawl out of the anus (bum) at night and lay their eggs on nearby skin. Pinworms can be uncomfortable but they do not cause disease. People who have pinworms aren’t dirty.

Feb 16,  · While this sounds like a terrifying diagnosis, it’s actually more common than you think, especially in children. Pinworm infection, caused by a white roundworm with the scientific name. Pinworms are an infection in the intestines that is developed by worms which are tiny and parasitic. It is a form of roundworm infection and is very common and affects millions of men, women and children each year – especially children of school age. The most typical sign of pinworm /5(62).