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Adult Limit:6 Fish TotalChild Limit:4 Fish Total Note: No limit on Panfish: Crappies, Rock Bass, Bullheads, Blue Gills Admittance Fees (Includes Shore Fishing Until Dark) Adults $ Non-Fisherman $ Children age 7 thru 15 $ Age 6&Under-No Charge Senior Citizens (62 years & over) $ Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Boat Rentals Extra. considered to be of an adult age in your country or community. If you are not an adult, please go to one of th e many other fine Sims Websites. After Midnight Sims.

With a refreshing new take on the lately popular Angel subject, Angelfire tells the story of year old Ellie, a seemingly ordinary human girl who suddenly finds out that she’s not so ordinary after all but actually a heavenly creature, reborn into a human shell, destined to . Angel Fire Resort began in , as a small ski destination in Northern New Mexico. We are proud to have grown into a four-season resort offering a memorable Rocky Mountain experience for families, outdoor enthusiasts and groups.

Angelfire: Welcome to Angelfire Create a professional website and actually enjoy building it! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a polished web designer, Angelfire's website builder gives you the tools to build a professional-looking website within minutes. Drag-and-drop website builder interface. When planning lessons for the whole family, Angel Fire Resort highly recommends half-day afternoon lessons for adults on the first day when also booking lessons for the kids. This will allow Mom & Dad enough time to properly prepare for their lessons. Make sure to give yourself enough time (at least an hour) before the lesson starts.