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Oct 07,  · Bronchiolitis is a lung infection that mostly occurs in infants in the autumn and winter months, although adults may also develop it. This infection, which affects the . 1) Bronchiolitis is a better-known event in the pediatric population than in the adult population. 2) In the adult population in many cases represents a pathophysiological response to various types of injury, monomorphic and nonspecific and only in some cases a well-established nosological entity.

Adult bronchiolitis is rare and has not been well studied. Many cases are associated with accidents that result in inhalation injuries. This chapter reviews the clinical, radiographic, and histopathologic findings of the bronchiolar syndromes in adults and is orientated toward practical management. INTRODUCTION. Bronchiolitis is a general term used to describe a nonspecific inflammatory injury that primarily affects the small airways (eg, 2 mm or less in diameter without cartilage) (), often sparing a considerable portion of the interstitium [].. An overview of bronchiolar disorders in adults is provided here.

Jul 25,  · Bronchiolitis obliterans is a rare and dangerous condition seen in adults. This disease causes scarring in the bronchioles. This blocks the air passages creating an airway obstruction that can’t. Bronchiolitis (plural: bronchiolitides) is a broad term that refers to any form of inflammation of the latins.xyz is often used in situations where there inflammation primarily occurs in airways smaller than 2 mm It can carry variable clinical, functional and morphological expression.