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Interestingly, CinemaNow is the only company to offer an adult channel. Through a partnership with, which features a convenient single-sign-on, once you login to CinemaNow, you get access to the content. "Liberating film and video from a prehistoric value system" since This site was founded by Writer, Video Essayist and Webby Award Nominee Nelson Carvajal. Contact: [email protected]

As one unique feature, CinemaNow also offers an adult channel of streaming media through an agreement with a partner website. Right now, it is the only one in the mainstream end of movie download services to offer this type of content. Unlike the majority of US download services, CinemaNow does not require a monthly subscription-based fee. CinemaNow offers instant access to an extensive library of premium video content for rental and purchase. Watch new release movies (available same day as Blu-ray and often earlier), next-day TV episodes, popular TV shows, and a catalog of award-winning classic and popular movies, with absolutely no subscriptions required.

Some people just want to watch the occasional movie over a short period of time, like back in the good old days of VCR rental. If you’re this kind of person then Cinema Now might be the website for you. It has a solid range of recent movies and a selection of some great TV shows which you can watch on your TV or other device.