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community partnership for older adults - What We Think About Interracial Community

Older Adult Full Service Partnership (FSP) is a collection of comprehensive, intensive services for persons 60 and above who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and are interested in participating in a program designed to address their emotional, physical and living situation needs. Community Partnership on Aging Outreach Workers provide information and registration for the Hillcrest Meals on Wheels program, a local nonprofit using a large volunteer corps to offer weekday delivery of meals. Please contact Judy Conklin, Program Coordinator, at for more information.

The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness is committed to providing housing resources to homeless singles and families in the District of Columbia. We are currently seeking housing units to assist towards this endeavor. Partnerships for Older Adults (CPFOA) program is built on the premise that promoting community partnerships among the public, private, and voluntary sectors and older adults and their families is a .

Our Community Partnership on Aging News is published monthly and contains current information on events, programs and the daily menu. It is available at our offices, lunch sites, community centers, city halls and at various locations throughout the community, as well as on the agency website at latins.xyz Dec 08,  · Synopsis of the Work: Partnerships that included diverse local organizations and older adults worked collaboratively in 16 communities to raise awareness of aging issues and to undertake projects to improve the lives of vulnerable seniors. Each partnership .