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computer hypnosis adult baby - Hands Free Orgasm (Hypnosis)

He is not a man, no, he is a baby, or a sissy baby. I know these terms carry shock value, but they are true and once you come to accept them you can begin to accept and understand your husband. Understanding that your husband is a baby / sissy baby is something of a shock, is it not? I know it was for me when my husband of 6 years brought this. When this session is accompanied by the obedience session a parent/baby relationship will be enhanced in that the parent, by denying the baby permission to remove their diaper, can deny the baby any kind of adult sexual experience. Downloaded file size: 51, KB.

Welcome to Moonlit Hypnosis Mesmerizing audio, transformation, and training Monster girl, furry, and fantasy. Many have erotic themes or are explicitly adult and sensual in nature. We release them from time to time - several a month - and patrons get early access. Aurelia Alder is the voice of Silver Spruce. Dec 12,  · Three minutes later, there was a ding from the computer to signal the hypnosis was done and it was safe to look again. Kathy closed the program, but Ida kept staring at the screen. “A baby trying to take on an adult, I hypnotized you to think that.” The Random Master’s voice said “I thought it was an appropriate metaphor. Now, this.

Adult Baby, Adult, Baby AB, ABDL, DLADULT BABY infantilism wet & mess hypnosis, subliminal & sleep recordings. Proven Method Natural Unpotty Training. These files are in MP3 format and once downloaded on your computer you can move them to a cell phone or MP3 player. Adult baby hypnosis files for regression free download. Some of you will know that I highly rate the adult baby hypnosis files done by Arkadia for Babypants. She had a couple of baby regression hypnosis files for Specific Affirmations from Louise Hay for Healing.