How long would YOU last - condoms help you last longer


condoms help you last longer - How long would YOU last

When you wear a condom, your penis, particularly the tip (glans) will be less sensitive. You won’t be overwhelmed by the sensations of slippery warmth and wetness when you go inside her. And that’ll help you last longer. Some guys wear more than one condom at a time. Nov 28,  · Things like condoms, numbing sprays and lubricants may all give you a boost in the short term, but dulling your own sexual enjoyment is no way to live your best life. By using Prolong Control Training, you can take back control in the bedroom, last longer and fully enjoy every part of sex. Ready to get started?Brand: Prolong-Us.

Apr 25,  · If you're not sure, try using one during masturbation before using it with a partner. These condoms can help many men to last a few minutes longer, again by slightly decreasing sensation to the penis. TROJAN™ Extended Condoms with Climax Control Lubricant have a special lubricant that helps to control climax and prolong lasting lovemaking. Features Climax Control Lubricant – a clear lubricant with a special additive to help prevent premature ejaculation and help provide greater staying power. *Active ingredient: Benzocaine, 4% (male genital desensitizer).

Long lasting condoms reduces sensitivity and makes you last longer Condoms like Durex Extended Pleasure and the like have a substance called Benzocaine in them. This is a mild anesthetic with a. Aug 14,  · The Durex Performax condom has 5% Benzocaine in it. As mentioned previously; the benzocaine will numb your penis which will make it easier to last longer in bed. The benzocaine will not start to have an impact until the sex starts to really get kicked up a notch, at which point the Benzocaine will melt and numb the penis.