Lolly and Jane British lesbians at play - dick and jane dvd


dick and jane dvd - Lolly and Jane British lesbians at play

DVD: Fun with Dick and Jane Fun with Dick and Jane was a dissapointment to us. Jim Carey did a great job. His is a very talented actor. Fun With Dick and Jane () DVD / Fun With Dick and Jane () (UMD Mini for PSP) Jim Carrey (Actor), Téa Leoni (Actor), Dean Parisot (Director).

Although silly title 'Fun with Dick and Jane' seems more appropriate for a porno movie, the film is brilliant, touching, warm, sad and funny at the same time. I don't particulary like Jim Carrey for his over-the-top acting style, but he is very good here. I never buy a DVD unless I know that I . Dick (George Segal) and Jane (Jane Fonda), an upscale Los Angeles couple, face a severe drop in their standard of living when Dick loses his high-paying executive position. Desperate, the white-collar pair turns to blue collar crime as a means of solving their cash flow problems.

"Dick and Jane" still works all by itself. We might be conditioned to think of Jane Fonda for her dramatic roles, but she is a superior comedian and does a superb job as Jane. I consider it one of the top movies of all time -- but many people need weight and heft before they will stake any such claim.