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The maxillary artery and the anterior facial vein are close to each oth er at the jaw edge, whereas, in the face, they rise divergently so that the former runs in front of the latter (the. This is an online quiz called facial artery There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper. Search Help in Finding facial artery - .

The facial artery (also known as external maxillary artery, Latin: arteria facialis ; arteria maxillaris externa) arises from the external carotid artery in the carotid triangle at . Jan 14,  · Broken blood vessels or spider veins are enlarged blood vessels under the skin. They can occur anywhere but can appear on the face for a variety of reasons, including alcohol consumption and vomiting.

Oct 26,  · This is where the infraorbital artery, vein and nerve exits. Infraorbital artery is one of the terminal branches of the maxillary artery. Branches of the infraorbital artery anastomosing with the dorsal nasal branch, facial artery and transverse artery which can all lead to complications to the nose and eyes of occluded or constricted. Based on our data, PMF that sacrifices the facial vessels may have a reliability similar to that of PMF that preserves the facial vessels. However, Berenholz et al. believe that the facial artery and vein should not be preserved when there is a submandibular lymph node metastasis, and the use of the platysma flap should be avoided. Therefore Cited by: 3.