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Oct 10,  · First or second premolar extraction effects on facial vertical dimension. Angle Orthod. 75, – (). PubMed Google Scholar. Introduction. Bimaxillary protrusion and dental crowding are orthodontic problems commonly observed among Asian populations. [1,2] Treatment of these complex issues often involves extraction of the four first premolars to relieve crowding, and subsequent retraction of the maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth to close the extraction can also improve lip protrusion and facial.

Treatment of class II malocclusion due to maxillary protrusion without premolar extraction frequently requires distalization of maxillary molars into Class I molar relation by means of extra-oral or intraoral forces. Absolute skeletal anchorage, available 24 hours a . and anterior-posterior improvement in facial profile after four 1st premolar extractions. Previous studies have investigated changes in soft tissue profile with four 1st premolar extractions, few have investigated the vertical dimensions espe-cially the lower facial height changes in bi-maxillary cases. Therefore, present study was done.

The 4-premolar extraction group had statistically smaller apical base lengths, more vertical facial growth patterns, and greater hard- and soft-tissue convexities at pretreatment than the 2-premolar extraction group. However, the multiple regression analysis showed that only the extraction protocol was significantly associated with the final. Jun 06,  · OBJECTIVE: To assess and compare the changes in pharyngeal airway space dimensions following orthodontic treatment of skeletal class II and class III facial deformities with premolar extraction. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty pre and posttreatment lateral cephalometric radiographs of patients who underwent fixed orthodontic treatment with.