she puts on her black girdle & kisses my cock - cum stains on my girdle


cum stains on my girdle - she puts on her black girdle & kisses my cock

PANTIES & WET SPOTS. reactions. Create & manage your own custom pages for the world to see on Share your photos with the world on My head was in her gusset and all I could smell was her pee and sweat whilst she sucked me off. before I cames in her mouth I managed to pull down her tights and unhook the gusset of her corselette so I could give her a good licking out. She was soaking wet. I came right away when I saw her crusty gusset flaps on her corselette.

Model Ruth Knowles wearing mauve and white girdle from Lily of France, together with tomato-red organdy slip from Dior. French advertisement for Rosy girdles, Mademoiselle, March - A model stands in a series of three poses, wearing a bra with panty girdle and tights by Vanity Fair in orange, yellow and. David Allan Coe-Cum Stains On The Pillow - YouTube track 3.

May 03,  · My recent purchase of a Rago , has reignited the joy of wearing a girdle. This girdle is black (my favourite colour), high waisted and very firm-my best girdle in my collection! I Love it! With the ease and convenience of ordering online with Amazon, my collection will only get better!!! 41 . It's just like girls having stains of vaginal secretions on their underwear. It would be crazy for him to think you were cheating on him because he spotted some female goo in your undies! Guys leak fluid that leave stains in their underwear frequently. It may be precum or even cum from wet dreams or spontaneous ejaculations.