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Dec 04,  · This is the first post in a series about the fundamental rights impacts of facial recognition. Private companies and governments worldwide are already experimenting with facial recognition technology. Individuals, lawmakers, developers - and everyone in between - should be aware of the rise of facial recognition, and the risks it poses to rights to privacy, freedom, . Jan 28,  · In a new set of guidelines addressed to governments, legislators and businesses, the state human rights organisation proposes that the use of facial recognition for the sole purpose of determining a person’s skin colour, religious or other belief, sex, racial or ethnic origin, age, health or social status should be prohibited.

Oct 02,  · Digital rights NGOs warns that facial recognition tends to harm privacy, security, and access to services. This is especially the case for marginalized communities. For example, look at the use of facial recognition in migration and asylum systems. Aug 13,  · The ruling stated that facial recognition technology violates human rights. It does not suspend the use of all facial recognition technology, but rather, states that better parameters need to be.

Jan 27,  · Jan. 27, -- A facial recognition algorithm was able to correctly identify conservative versus liberal orientation remarkably better than chance, . Nov 21,  · Justice, victims’ rights and judicial cooperation Facial recognition technology (FRT) makes it possible to compare digital facial images to determine whether they are of the same person. Comparing footage obtained from video cameras (CCTV) with images in databases is referred to as ‘live facial recognition technology’.