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Face toner is a secret skincare weapon. It comes in a water-based liquid form that may be infused with skin-soothing ingredients like eucalyptus, peppermint and aloe. You can often find different formulas . Facial toner, for example, can help you glow up, keep your face clean and revitalized, minimize the appearance of pores, and more. Here are all the deets on facial toner, why facial toner is important, .

How often should I use toner on my face? - Quora. Aug 21,  · Facial toner is basically the in-between skincare step. It's meant to be used after washing your face but before using your serum or moisturizer. "Historically toners were used as a .

Nov 24,  · Toner has a slightly acidic pH, which helps balance your skin’s own hugely important pH —something that can be thrown off by anything from face soap to pollution, says dermatologist Occupation: Deputy Beauty Director.