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Sep 24,  · Knuckle dislocation is fairly common; occurring when the bones of the finger move from their normal position. Dislocation may occur in any of the joints of any finger, but the commonest occurrence is in the middle knuckle of the index, middle, ring, or little finger. Symptoms Of A Dislocated Knuckle Joint. Jan 12,  · Pain in the middle knuckle of the finger is usually caused by trauma from an injury or inflammation of the joints within the hand. Rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis can cause swelling and knuckle pain. Read below for more information on causes and treatment options.

nŭk'əl The definition of knuckle is a joint at the hand or toe that sticks out when you make a fist. The joint in the middle of your finger that sticks forward when you make a . Jan 02,  · Knuckles are the joints of finger which become prominent when you form a fist, or the hand is clenched. In medical terminology a knuckle is made up of two joints, interphalangeal joint and metacarpophalageal joint. The finger is made up of three knuckles (joints).

Aug 07,  · A dislocated knuckle occurs when the joint pops out of place but no bones are broken. It can usually be “popped” back into place by a doctor once a diagnosis is made. If not set correctly, a dislocated knuckle can cause long-term pain and arthritis and other health complications, so it is important to seek treatment immediately by a physician. Dec 17,  · The most common knuckle arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis. Pain, swelling, and tenderness are usually considered as early signs and symptoms of knuckle arthritis. Tiny bumps pop out on the top knuckles of some of the fingers, and fingers become stiff. Other possible signs and symptoms may include.